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Maailman vanhin graffiti?

Raaputukset simpukankuoren alalaidassa.
Kuva Stephen Munbo
BBC News

BBC News uutisoi 04/12/2014
Zig-zag patterns found on a fossilised shell in Indonesia may be the earliest engraving by a human ancestor, a study has claimed.

The engraving is at least 430,000 years old, meaning it was done by the long-extinct Homo erectus, said the study.

The oldest man-made markings previously found were about 130,000 years old.

If confirmed, experts say the findings published in the journal Nature may force a rethink of how human culture developed.

One of the report's authors, Stephen Munro, told the BBC it could "rewrite human history".

"This is the first time we have found evidence for Homo erectus behaving this way," said the researcher, from Australian National University.

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